PayU offers a variety of pricing options tailored to your business needs




Rate: 2.79% + $800

  • promotional rate valid until December 6, 2020
  • per transaction: applies to credit, debit and PSE cards


Larger businesses with

  • more than $100 million pesos COP per month
  • preferential rates depending on your business


Bank agreements and payment methods integrations

  • monthly transactions packages based on your online store traffic
  • additional discount by prepayment
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Charge-free transfers

Transfer your PayU account balance to your bank account whenever you want

You can make three free of charge transfers a month from your PayU account to your bank account.

For national accounts, from the 4th transfer the costs are COP $ 6,500 + VAT

Transaction fee includes

  • Bank fees
  • Transaction processing costs
  • Unlimited transaction process
  • Fraud control
  • Continuous transactional monitoring
  • Manual validation of suspicious transactions
  • Technical and operational support
  • Customization of the checkout page with the company logo
  • Access to all available payment methods


  • These rates apply only to local businesses (companies or people domiciled in Colombia).
  • Rates before 19% VAT
  • The minimum cost per transaction for bank referenced payments is $ 4,900 COP + VAT.
  • Transfer process from your virtual PayU account to your bank account:

    – National transfer: 3 business days, the first 3 withdrawals per month are free, from the 4th transaction in the month it has a cost of $ 6,500 COP + VAT *

    – International money order: 7 business days, at a cost of $ 30 USD converted to local currency; the minimum amount to make the draft is $ 1,000 USD.

  • Credit card transactions are subject to the following withholdings at source: Income 1.5% on the tax base, ICA 0.414% on the tax base and VAT of 15% on the value of VAT sent in the transaction.
  • A transaction is considered successful when it is approved by the financial institution. Transactions that are not successful (canceled, declined, and abandoned by the buyer) are not subject to payment processing fees by PayU